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Claimed List

Kate Austin: blinddumbluck Jack/Kate:  
Dr. Jack Sheppard:   Jack/Ana Lucia:  
Boone Carlyle:   Kate/Sawyer:  
Charlie Pace:   Kate/Charlie:  
Claire Littleton:   Charlie/Claire:  
Mr Eko:   Claire/Locke:  
Hugo Reyes(Hurley):   Locke/Walt:  
Jin-Soo Kwon:   Shannon/Boone:  
Libby:   Boone/Locke:  
John Locke:   Shannon/Sayid:  
Michael Dawson:   Mr. Eko/Charlie:  
James Ford(sawyer):   Libby/Hurley:  
Sayid Jarrah:   Sun/Jin:  
Shannon Rutherford:   Sun/Michael:  
Sun-Soo Kwon:   Michael/Walt:  
Walt Lloyd:   Sawyer/Jack:  
Ana lucia:      

If you want to claim someone or a ship that you do not see here, don't worry you can still claim I would have just never thought of it while writing this.